Floral Installations

Immerse yourself in the world of enchantment and elegance with our Floral Installations, designed to elevate every aspect of your wedding or event space. At KTV Venue Stylists, we specialise in creating the most extraordinary floral installations and overhanging structures that serve as stunning focal points to showcase your special day. Our passion for floristry knows no bounds as we meticulously craft each installation using only the freshest and most exquisite flowers and foliage, ensuring that every detail exudes beauty and sophistication.

 Picture your ceremony or reception space adorned with breath-taking floral compositions, cascading from above to create a mesmerising atmosphere that captivates the senses. From enchanting arches and arbours to elaborate floral chandeliers and suspended installations, our floral creations are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. 

One of the most extraordinary aspects of our job is designing a concept that perfectly complements your venue or location, enhancing its natural beauty and charm. Whether you envision a rustic outdoor ceremony or an elegant ballroom reception, our team works tirelessly to bring your vision to life, infusing every corner with the timeless allure of fresh flowers and foliage. 

When it comes to ceremony flowers, we understand the importance of adding a personal touch to your wedding day style. Whether you prefer simple and classic arrangements or luxurious and spectacular designs, our floral features, from chair posies to arch floral designs, are tailored to suit your unique preferences and enhance the ambiance of your ceremony space. 

At KTV Venue Stylists, we pride ourselves on our commitment to using only fresh or dried flowers, never artificial, ensuring that every installation exudes natural beauty and authenticity. By combining our expertise in floristry with our venue styling services, we offer couples and clients the best of both worlds, seamlessly integrating floral elements into your overall event design for a cohesive and visually stunning result. 

Let us transform your wedding or event space into a botanical wonderland, where every bloom tells a story and every installation leaves a lasting impression. Contact us today to discover how our Floral Installations can elevate your celebration to extraordinary heights.


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