Firstly, it is important to set aside your idea of ‘what was meant to be’. We can completely appreciate that this will be difficult, but in order to move forward, it is crucial to let go of those thoughts. Be kind to yourself, if you initially turned to a bottle of wine, Netflix and a box of chocolates then that’s okay! Let go of old assumptions, expectations and focus on what’s most important of all, that you finally get to marry the one you love. Working through the sadness of losing your original plans or adapting your vision, will bring the real meaning of why you’re marrying into focus.

Your Pinterest boards, WhatsApp groups and Google history will be a constant reminder of what you had originally hoped your wedding day would look like and what it would symbolise. Perhaps you had always longed for a extravagant, lavish affair that restrictions will no longer allow. If you need to delete those boards, groups or search history to let go, then go ahead and do it.

Turn your ‘new’ smaller scale plans into an exciting blank canvas; as if that is just how it was always meant to be. Turn your downfalls into your wins. Having a lack of time can actually unlock organisational skills that you never thought you had! With no other choice, you may be incredibly surprised at how well you deal with the pressure.

A checklist will certainly be your best friend ~ so will a wedding stylist + planner!


Here’s some of the more practical things to check-off as soon as possible:

  • Arranging the legalities and applying for a marriage license.
  • Know when to give notice for marriage! The min period to give notice is 28 days before your proposed marriage date.
  • Write your guest list/pick your wedding party.
  • Letting your guests know (if you haven’t got time to send out new invites, then simply do it virtually, it probably wasn’t what you had planned, but it’s ok!)


Here’s some food for thought


Know your budget

It is so important to have a crystal clear idea of what you want to spend. Sit down with your partner and work out a realistic spend list. This will help you to make decisions quickly, knowing your numbers will ensure that your smaller wedding planning in a shorter timeframe is less daunting. Budgets are everything!

Try to go with the flow

We know that this is easier said than done, but it will really have such a huge impact. Planning your smaller wedding in short timeframe is perfectly doable but perfection might not be possible! Without time on your side, you may need to go with a plan B. Therefore, it is vital that you are flexible and open to suggestions. If your budget allows, this is the perfect time to hire a wedding planner or stylist, we are well versed in organising weddings with a short lead time! Without blowing our own trumpet, we can relieve you a great deal of stress, which is key to enjoying this process and your big day.

Go virtual with your suppliers

Embrace the digital world (if you haven’t enough already with all the Zoom calls and FaceTiming)! Allowing your suppliers to communicate with you virtually will provide you with so much more time, it will cut out lots of laborious tasks and allow you to prioritise your time to a tight schedule.

Focus on YOU!

Strip the planning process back. Consider what is most important to you and your partner. It may help to sit down, put pen to paper and list the things that matter to you both the most. A smaller wedding can be more relaxed and less ’traditional’ so if something doesn’t resonate with your vision, simply don’t include it. Going back to budget, setting out your priorities will really help you to allocate this. What couldn’t you say I do without? What are you not so fussed about? What are luxuries and what are necessities?

Gather as much inspiration as you can

There are lots of online resources that can help you gather inspiration. From Pinterest, to your favourite magazine to wedding blogs; your choices should start to shape the style for your smaller scale plans. Many couples to be have opted for a completely different style to leave behind their original plans and to symbolise a fresh start, whilst many couples continue to include some of their initial style and ideas into the new. With the rise of smaller, micro style weddings, there is so much inspiration out there. Why not check out our previous blog ‘Intimate Wedding Styling’.

Think local

If you hadn’t already, explore local suppliers, from food to beverage, to florals, supporting small businesses has never been so important; for the economy and sustainability. At KTV, we have a list of wonderful suppliers that we have worked with and built incredible relationships with over the years. In our experience, small businesses will always go above and beyond to help you, to ensure that the pieces of your wedding jigsaw come together beautifully. Reliability is always incredibly important, but even more so when your wedding day is closer than you had imagined.

When it comes to florals, there are some limitations in the supply chain for them. If there has ever been a time to buy British and support local growers using seasonal flowers, this is it! Leave it with them to create something truly amazing.

We’d be thrilled to help you source local suppliers.


Pops of colour


Each event that we are lucky enough to hold or attend this year should inspire joy, smiles and vibrancy, we deserve it! So, if you’re itching to go bold then 100% go for it!

White and muted tones are always so beautifully classic, however, if (like many others) you feel as though you have spent way too much time in the grey of the pandemic, then mix things up a little! Include fresh pops of colour, print mixing and statement hues that you may never have imagined your wedding day would incorporate. Use bold hues in unexpected places, keeping in mind stylistic wow factors like dramatic displays of candlelight and centrepieces.


Little touches


A smaller scale wedding will mean less invites to go around, the people at your wedding will be there for so many wonderful reasons. With less people, it means that you can get far more personal with favours and added extras. For example, heart-felt and hand-written thank you’s, personalised stationery and other gestures are sure to make your guests day. Of course, this is only if your timeframe allows you to do so, don’t feel the pressure to do this if it doesn’t. The people who are there on your day will already know how much they mean to you.


Creating an intimate atmosphere in a bigger venue


If your venue remains the same, but your guest list is considerably smaller, explore creative ways to provide an intimate atmosphere.

In a larger space, it’s essential to draw the eye towards a focal point. This will create an intimate atmosphere and make the space seem smaller than it is. For example, a cake table is a wonderful choice that is inexpensive to set up, you can get super


Wed now, party later


If you are feeling anxious or worried about your guest list and restrictions wont allow you to invite everyone you had hoped to, the wed now, party later is real food for thought. You can say ‘I do’ on a smaller scale now and then party on a bigger scale when it is safe to do so. This also means you get to celebrate twice! This can relieve pressure and also provide an extra something for you and your nearest and dearest to look forward too.

Last but not least, decide what you can reasonably do yourself and where you can enlist the help of others.

We’re here for you, to listen, support or even plan with you! Stay hopeful about what’s to come. Every toast raised, word of gratitude in a speech, and moment spent dancing with friends will be so cherished.