With a fairy-tale, wonderland vibe, a hint of boho and a dash of pure dreaminess, a whimsical wedding will ensure that you and your wedding party are well and truly immersed in a dream-like atmosphere for your special day. 


One of our favourite things when we are tasked with a whimsical theme, is that it allows us and our beautiful couple to simply go with the flow. There are no wrongs or rights, no expectations and inspiration can come in the wildest forms. 


If you are leaning more towards a relaxed/boho vibe for your big day, it is worth exploring the world of whimsical. 


Colour scheme


Whimsical weddings can incorporate whatever colours make you happiest. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either! It is important to bear in mind balance. With such a beautiful variety of neutral, dusky colours, to pastels, to bold with a rustic edge, there are plenty of opportunities to go off track. Our advice is to play around with hues and intensities, pick your base and build your supporting elements around it. 


We used a gorgeous shade of purple here to highlight the foliage, creating magical drapes at The Brampton Grange. 


The colours you choose can be highly influenced by season too, for spring summer you might lean towards blush hues that often include dusky pink, muted neutrals, rose gold and ivory. For autumn winter whimsical, you might opt for bold hues that include navy, burgundy, dark green, plum and gold.   


Autumn Winter whimsical

Spring Summer whimsical


These gorgeous boho style table settings that would fit perfectly with a whimsical wedding theme. Set in the gorgeous Ashton Lodge Country House, we loved this styled shoot. 




To create the fairy-tale like and cosy romantic feel for you and for your guests, the lighting is everything. If you have read our other blogs, you’ll know how much we value lighting design. We truly believe it is the key to setting the mood and atmosphere throughout the day. 


Fairy lights 


Whether you refer to them as fairy lights, twinkly lights or string lights, there is no denying that they are the most magical addition to any celebration. One of the wonderful aspects of a whimsical themed wedding is of course the magic. Fairy lights allow magic to flow so beautifully throughout the venue without fear. There are so many ways to incorporate them, indoor, outdoor or both, they can be draped, placed overhead, trailed, added to lanterns, trees and so much more! 


Fairy lights have the ability to create a starry night sky, an enchanting scene, a wonderland, whatever whimsical elements you’d like to create for you and your guests. Of course, this takes some very careful and clever planning.



When we shared this gorgeous Pinterest inspired shot on our Social Media, we had so many wonderful comments, there was certainly lots of love for this look! 


If fairy lights aren’t for you, then there are plenty of other beautiful options that lend perfectly to the whimsical theme, such as pendant and statement lighting. Bulbs and rustic lanterns lend a more homemade feel to the day, whereas miniature chandeliers will add in a hint of glamour luxe. Both equally as gorgeous as each other. 





When dusk turns to dark, you’ll want to continue that gorgeous feel that you’ve created during the day, and candles are the ultimate romance symbol. There is so much beauty, mixed with mystery in candlelight. Cleverly placed, you can create a feeling and an atmosphere that you and your guests will never forget. 


We would love to help you think beyond the conventional and traditional, please get in touch if you’d like us to help you with a killer lighting design for your big day. 




Imagine wandering through a meadow gathering blooms, completely care-free. The thought provides beautiful inspiration for your whimsical florals and foliage. 


Offering an enchanting edge, dried wedding flowers are undoubtedly very trendy, bringing a whole new texture to wedding styling. Dried flowers can be used in so many beautiful ways, they are so versatile. The current trend is pampas grass, there’s something so mysterious in its look, that lends it beautifully to the whimsical theme. 

Content via Pinterest


Aesthetics aside, dried flowers can be beautifully preserved for sentimental value after the day.


Wisteria – even its name is magical!

This gorgeous, enchanted flower will transform your venue. You might even be lucky enough to secure a venue that offers it in abundance, but don’t despair if not! There are so many incredible artificial solutions for wisteria decoration. 


We included white wisteria in this beautiful shot. 


Storybook details


Here are some more ideas for inspiration, we have called these our storybook details, perfect ways to create an enchanted, whimsical wedding. 


An enchanted garden swing with white wisteria is a wonderful element to include in a whimsical themed wedding. It adds the feel of a ‘secret garden’ to the venue at Hill Farm House. 


We dressed this beautiful arch in gorgeous foliage for a striking centrepiece at our couples venue, the Brampton Grange. 


Paper lanterns hanging from the tree added a whimsical feel at the Hill Farm House. 


Winding around the hanging features with added glow from cleverly placed fairy lights, Vine adds in that gorgeous romantic, magical feel here at The Old Barn in Rothwell.


Magic in a Bottle, entwined with foliage to add to the table decoration.  


If we’ve inspired you to explore a whimsical wedding theme, or we’ve helped to confirm your desires, then we would love to help you design, plan and execute a beautiful, seamless wedding day that you and your guests will treasure for years to come for many magical reasons.