Are you one of those people looking for fun way to add more colour to your wedding day? Luckily – you’re in the right place! With many years of experience in the wedding industry and as one of the leading venue stylists in Northamptonshire, our head stylist Monika will give you an insight of how you can do it!

 Monika Head Wedding Stylist

So how do you add a pop of colour into your décor to make sure it looks lively and stylish at the same time? It is your special day and a once-in-a-lifetime moment; it always boils down to what your choices and preferences are for the day. You must start by choosing a more vibrant colour palette for your INSTAGRAMMABLE DAY!



When it comes to wedding décor , most people think of beautiful flowers and their favourite colours put into a breath-taking colour palette and mood board. However, did it ever cross your mind that CANDLES are also an excellent addition for wedding décor ?

The warm glow of candles in the dim evening will lend a touch of intimacy that brings A SENSE OF TOGETHERNESS on your big day with your closest family and friends. Candlelit dinners are the quintessence of romance – so, naturally, candles at a wedding will also give off A ROMANTIC VIBE. Whether you go for tall candlesticks or mini tea lights, candles can infuse AN AIR OF SOPHISTICATION to the occasion - candles at your wedding are definitely A CLASSY TOUCH. With so many types of candles and ways to display them, candles are truly A VERSATILE wedding décor item in our opinion.



We have opted for our lovely gold candlesticks (GOLD ELEGANCE collection) and long tapered candles for that TRADITIONAL LOOK with a RED, ORANGE AND BLACK colour palette and PURPLE, PINK AND WHITE colour palette. Our gold ribbed mercury glass tea light holders and our luxe clear glass tea light holders which have a graceful gold rim, gives A TASTEFUL, GOLDEN AND CHARMING GLOW when they are lit. With our RED, PINK AND WHITE colour palette we have chosen our pressed glass candlesticks (CRYSTAL GLAM collection) and our gorgeous crystal candelabra, ULTRA STYLISH AND MODERN for the most distinguished venues. Our glass tea light holders look so ELEGANT AND TIMELESS on the table, and they scream LUXURIOUS WEDDING in every way.



We use candlelight for an especially ENCHANTING EFFECT; these are especially helpful with setting the mood, radiating happiness; your guests will be dazzled!

We have set 3 distinct tables, 3 different colour palettes but all of them have 1 thing in common… colour in the candles. We picked BRIGHTLY COLOURED tapers and added A VIBRANT TWIST to our palettes.


BURNT ORANGE perfectly complemented our gold candlesticks (GOLD ELEGANCE collection) in our RED, ORANGE, AND BLACK palette. Orange and red florals created energetic centrepieces and orange candles added AN UPLIFTING VIBE. Orange EMBRACES the season’s colours and elements of table styling. We love how the tapers POP against the black.


 Burnt Orange Wedding Candle Display


DEEP RED and LIGHT PINK lifted our pressed glass candlesticks amazingly (CRYSTAL GLAM collection) and our gorgeous crystal candelabra for our RED, PINK AND WHITE colour palette. For A HIGH-DRAMA tablespace our five-armed candelabra topped with ultra-thin light pink tapers elevated a FANTASY LOOK and effortlessly complemented the centrepiece rather than overpowering it. Plus, deep red tapers really POP against the bright-white table linen and chiffon sashes.

 Deep Red and Light Pink Wedding Candles


PURPLE and LIGHT PINK entirely matched the hues of the floral arrangements on the table with our PURPLE, PINK AND WHITE colour palette, and they served as the perfect subtle backdrop to make them sparkle. You cannot go wrong with light pink and gold – it is such A CLASSIC colour combination. We created A COHESIVE tablespace by coordinating florals, napkins, and candles in shade of purple.


 Purple & Light Pink wedding candles



As you can see, candles are fantastic at ELEVATING THE ATMOSPHERE at a wedding. With candles as part of your wedding décor, you’ll be able to look forward to A WONDERFUL, ROMANTIC VIBE and beautiful photos after as well!



You can pair candles with some fresh flowers for that ultimate DREAMY WEDDING décor . Just make sure to match your candles and any holders you have with the rest of your décor , and you will have the PERFECT setup. All our EXCLUSIVE STYLING COLLECTIONS are carefully designed with every little detail to make sure we create the wedding of your dreams! Using more colourful centrepieces on reception tables is another way you can add BRIGHT AND BOLD wedding colours to the décor.


 Colourful Wedding Table Styling Northamptonshire

Colourful Wedding Arch Flowers Northamptonshire 



Add a BRAVE BURST of colour to your wedding décor  with an orange and red colour combination. Orange roses are wonderful additions to weddings any time of the year. Bright shades of orange go hand in hand with EQUALLY BOLD shades such as VIBRANT reds. To highlight orange hues of roses we used red gerberas and red carnations for AN EYE CATCHING ambience. Peach is the lighter shade of orange and we used it in our napkins. The soft, delicate colour has a slightly OFF-BEAT look without being too out there, but it worked A MAGIC on our black infused table. Absolutely remarkable!


Red, Orange and Black wedding Moodboard pallette 



Adding red to your wedding day you are including a daring colour. Emitting BEAUTY AND BRILLIANCE. There is no other flower colour that expresses ROMANCE AND PASSION better than red flowers, more specifically classic red roses. Green foliage ENHANCES the red and adds an organic colour to the mix. We have softened up the deep richness with some delicate pink roses and the final effect is AWE-INSPIRING! When using a bright colour, a little goes a long way, and it is perfect if you are not afraid to make a statement!


 Red, Pink and White wedding Mood board



With so many beautiful pink and purple flowers, it is no wonder this is a popular colour choice in wedding décor. Lavender is a shade of purple, from the lighter end of the purple spectrum. While purple represents ROYALTY, it also represents BEAUTY AND SOPHISTICATION. It is a graceful, feminine colour, ideal for a bride who wants to give the vibe of A STYLISH, CHIC WEDDING. While pink is often considered a girlish colour, lavender is often viewed as the grown-up version of pink. We have used Eustoma, commonly known as Lisianthus in wonderful tones of pink and purple to INSPIRE you for your wedding! This eye-catching bloom represents the joining of two people for a LIFELONG BOND and happy life! We have added a beautiful SOFT, YET STRONG COLOUR rose to make it take A CENTRE STAGE in a flower work of art. Filled with deep purple Waxflower, Eucalyptus and soft Ruscus we created spectacular arrangements and STRIKING arch pieces!


 Purple, Pink and White Wedding Mood baord



Our purple and pink colour combo, with touch of lilac and a slight rustic twist was my FAVOURITE SET UP SO FAR, for our GOLD ELEGANCE STYLING COLLECTION! This bright combo will bring instant personality to your wedding style!


 Pink and Purple Wedding table setting in Northamptonshire



Coloured candles and rich shades of flowers are just A FEW, OF THE MANY possibilities for adding colour to your wedding. Other fun options include? Coloured smoke bombs for unforgettable pictures, unconventional coloured wedding dress and groom suit, gorgeous hair pieces, elegant, coloured glassware for your wedding reception tables and of course napkins, chiffon sashes, unique wedding stationery and gorgeous favours…. the list goes on! ASK US how to incorporate A POP OF COLOUR into your wedding styling'll be GLAD you did!


 pink and purple hexagon arch arrangement at a pink and purple thmeed wedding in northamptonshire (resized)

 pink, purple and white wedding theme in northamptonshire (resized)



There are infinite colours and colour combinations that are YET to be TRIED OUT! If they would look good in terms of wedding décor and floral arrangements, you could always be the FIRST ONE to find out (and we can help you PLAN IT, PUT IT TOGETHER in a styling plan and EXECUTE IT on the day)!



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