Here’s some of our favourite ways to execute this wildly romantic theme.


A down to earth colour palette 


The wonderful outdoors offers us so many natural colours to draw inspiration from. Combining rich greens, pretty neutrals and organic browns, the possibilities you have to create that earthy look and feel is so vastly beautiful. 


Brown is a natural choice for an earthy wedding theme, perfect if your swayed towards a darker colour palette, or your wedding is being held during the wonderful Autumn/Winter seasons. You can layer shades of warm wood, with berry and burgundy for a truly classic colour palette. 


If you prefer softer shades, Ivory, cream, taupe, and grey are perfect for you to explore! There’ s something so comforting about these colours that can be paired with blush accents for an utterly romantic, earthy feel. 


For an unexpected, beautifully chic pairing, explore the warming tones of amber and yellow. Pale yellow brings a lighter, airier feel and the amber is so wonderfully down to earth. 


These are just a few of our favourite, earthy inspired combinations!


Dine under drapes 


There is something so whimsical about fabric draping and even more so when it is used to compliment an enchanting earthy theme.

If your venue allows you to get creative above, why not explore the possibilities of dining under drapes… 

Think of gorgeous creamy fabric draping the ceiling, perhaps styled with woven greenery garlands the flickers of candlelight in lanterns or twinkling fairy lights, how warm and romantic would you feel dining underneath such beauty? 

Perhaps you like the idea of creating a storybook, secret-garden setting? Draping is the perfect way to create this eccentric illusion and so much more! 


Lead with the invitation 


Set the tone for your wedding with the invitation; use those gorgeous earthy colours, combined with texture, twine and dried wild flowers to provide your guests with the perfect insight into the big day ahead. 

Combine your style with the information that your guests need, calligraphy writing will add to that earthy vibe so beautifully. 

We highly recommend working with a designer to guide you through the creative process and bring your vision to life! Please get in touch. 


Aisle decoration 


We adore this space! We really do… 

It’s a complete blank canvas that is so often overlooked when it comes to styling. 

Yet, this space is so incredibly important, it’ll lead you towards the person you love with all your heart and it’ll be the place you take your first steps as a married couple.

The aisle space is a wonderful way to incorporate those earthy elements, bringing the outside in and making your guests feel completely grounded as they enjoy a truly wonderful moment. 

We can’t get enough of dried flowers at the moment and neither can our wonderful couples. Dried flowers and an earthy wedding theme simply go hand in hand, they offer a variety of styling opportunities. You can mix and match styles, or keep things consistent and either look so romantically wild. 

Amongst the dried flowers, candles, lanterns and other elements can add to the overall look. 

Don’t forget your chairs! The style of them will determine what you can do with them, but if possible, include these in your styling. A popular choice of decoration that is in keeping with an earthy feel are hanging mason jar vases. These can be placed on the back of each chair along the aisle. Twine and lace are beautiful choices of natural looking materials to explore when it comes to your chair design too. 


Statement furniture  


Whether you are blessed with a venue that offers the perfect furniture to work with, or you are thinking about incorporating your own, we believe that statement furniture c an have an incredibly great impact on your styling. 

For an earthy vibe, our minds are immediately cast to one of our favourite styles of chair…

Cue the peacock chair, in all its beautiful glory. Here, we have dressed its gorgeous woven style in foliage and dried flowers which combined, create a wonderfully earthy statement. 

Don’t underestimate the power of furniture!


Embrace natural beauty 


Utilising organic elements that are found in nature is the perfect way to elevate an earthy theme. 

How about incorporating wooden accents throughout your wedding venue, if they are not there already! 

Beautifully natural and instantly grounding, we adore this pagoda style surround. It allows you to frame important elements and you can go as bold or as minimal as you like, wooden accents include a variety of decoration opportunities.

Natural style materials can also be incorporated in those all important intricate details too! 


Dried flowers


Nothing says earthy like the aesthetics of dried flowers and there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate them into your wedding styling. 

Dried flowers have the ability to steal the lime light or when perfectly styled, compliment stronger elements. Whether you incorporate them in displays throughout your venue or your tables for guests to admire the beauty of dried flowers is that they are so versatile.

A must for earthy wedding styling! 




There’s something so outdoor adventure-like about wooden signage and we are big fans here at KTV. 

Lending itself perfectly to an earthy wedding theme, wooden signage is a lovely way of incorporating your personality and complimenting your styling at the same time. 

It is also incredibly practical, we can’t forget that part! 

Signage has the ability to make people laugh, feel comfortable and ‘at home’ in your wedding adventure for the day. 


Amp up the ambiance 


Lighting holds so much power here and it can make or break ambiance. We truly believe it is one of the most important elements of wedding styling no matter the theme. 

Taking you from daylight to night-time in style, lighting can be incorporated into your styling regardless of the time of day, for example, bare candles can dress displays amongst dried-flowers and hanging woven light cages can provide a marvellous spectacle. When the natural light begins to fade, these elements will come into their own with mystical, flickering glows of light, perfectly styled for a captivating feel. 

The beauty of an earthy theme means you can incorporate an abundance of fairy lights, woven with foliage, draping or to take centre stage, cascading on their own. 

Encompass mystical, flickering glows of light and create the most inviting atmosphere and captivating feel with your lighting. 


Hopefully this has provided you with some inspiration or clarification for an earthy style wedding. 


If you’re feeling a little out of your depth when it comes to styling your wedding, we would be thrilled to help. Here at KTV we offer bespoke quotations for your partial or full venue styling based on your requirements and you are more then welcome to explore it and read about it. Alternatively, please reach out.


We have previously written a blog that might help you to understand the role of a wedding stylist a little better and the benefits we can bring to your planning process, we hope this helps if you are a little uncertain too! 


With Love, KTV x