Congrats! You’re engaged (newly or not) now it’s time for you and your significant other to choose a date for your wedding in your favourite season.


Traditionally summer ( May-Sept ) is the “IT” season for weddings although this has shifted somewhat over the last few years. Wedding season is now a year-round season! Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter there is no right or wrong time for the celebration of your lives. The summer season however does have its advantages, particularly for those seeking an outdoor wedding or that beautiful warm sunny evening weather to relax with their family and friends.


 Green Coloured glass for your wedding


Now it’s time to choose your summer wedding palette and we want to help you!

Your selection of the wedding colours is critical before you start your wedding planning.

Soft and neutral tones like blush, peach, nude, and grey are always welcome for a romantic theme and are staple colours of any wedding, but we’ve curated some of our favourite wedding colours for you summer brides searching for that perfect combo!



Sunset Colours- Red, Rust Orange & Yellow


Imitating the colours from the sunset is a stunning collaboration. The earthy rich tones of rust or burnt orange with a pop of yellow or a hint of a deep red create this stunning palette, which reminds of a summer sunset. Who doesn’t love this!


 Rust Orange wedding styling

 Rust boho wedding decor midlands



Green, White & Gold


Think luscious greenery, hints of gold and the sophistication of white, what a modest yet sumptuous look this creates. It screams understated, but opulent. Ideal for an outdoor celebration, or if you’re looking for a rustic vibe. This is another contender for the top spot in our favourite summer combinations.


 Green and white summer wedding

 Green wedding styling for your wedding



Pink & Champagne


Delicate tones of any shade of pink are especially pretty in the summer months ( well any month let’s be honest! ) we just love this mix of champagne & pinks, it has an air of elegance about it that works seamlessly with all aspects of your day including your bridal bouquet and your venue décor. although it is a seemingly muted colour choice, this just shouts class, we don't know about you but this is one of our personal favourites!


 Champagne with dried flowers for weddings

 Champagne and pink wedding styling


Citrus Burst – Lemon, Coral & Pink


Now, this cute blend of colours is like looking at a summer cocktail! The gentle pastel shades of coral and pink with that little splash of yellow is a mouth-watering arrangement that we just couldn’t afford to miss from this list. Citrus hues do not necessarily need to be pastel or muted tones they can be as bright as the bride & groom and show an element of fun, after all, your wedding should be all about fun!


 summer lemon yellow wedding




As we come to the end of this very small insight into summer colour palettes, let us just say, there really are infinite combinations that work beautifully for your special day, we are still finding new combinations and shades almost daily, and whilst we are always very aware of combinations that do not complement each other to their greatest ability no colour combination is too bold, or too unusual to try!

We are always open to trying new things and when it comes to your wedding, no ideas are silly ideas!


 Get your summer on for your wedding styling


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And do check out our other blogs here which have a beautiful mix of colour palettes to tempt you!


Much Love

Team KTV!