Hours of scrolling on Pinterest, 100’s of photos saved to your camera roll, a whole host of Whatsapp conversations with friends and you’re still none the wiser, if anything, your wedding planning has become a little more complicated than you had first thought! 

How do you turn all those beautiful ideas into reality?


If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed right now, it’s COMPLETELY normal. If you think about it, planning a wedding is a bit like being thrown into a new job roll, with very little/no experience and being asked to plan one of the company’s biggest events in your very first week. You’re well and truly thrown in the deep end! 


It’s ok, you’re in the right place, you’ve got this. 


Let us introduce you to the idea of a wedding stylist… (P.S. that’s us)!


In a nutshell, a wedding stylist is responsible (the level of responsibility differs depending on your needs) for everything that makes you and your guests feel every wonderful emotion possible, carrying you away from reality for that one very special day that will be treasured forever. Matching your wedding aesthetics with your personality and style, a good stylist will design you a day that you could only have dreamt of. 


Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring a professional wedding stylist: 


Creative juices


A wedding stylist will be full of them!


For many couples, is often extremely hard to look beyond a blank venue space, a stylist will be able to swoop in and fill you with inspiration and clever tricks of the trade. You can give them full or little reign; they won’t step on any toes.  


At KTV Venue Stylists, we have a team of imaginative designers and stylists who can help you to generate bespoke ideas and create a completely innovative design that reflects you as a couple and one that truly works with your chosen wedding venue. 


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Time is of the essence 


This may seem like an obvious benefit; however, time is often the most under-estimated and under-valued aspect of wedding design and execution. 


In our opinion, the biggest impact is reached when lots of small details are cleverly combined like a very beautiful jigsaw puzzle; this is how you achieve your desired mood, ambience and evoke the right emotions throughout the different stages of the day.


Whether you have lots of time or very little time to design your perfect wedding, it will well and truly fly by (you have probably been told this a million times). From your initial ideas, to deciding on a colour palette, theme, to reviewing and finding recommended suppliers, sticking to a budget, knowing what to ask for (the list goes on) it can be extremely time-consuming, stressful and frustrating. 


Hiring a wedding stylist will take so much pressure off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy what is (or what should be) a truly magical, memorable process. 


On the day itself, you can focus on being the happy couple! 


Hanging lights on the morning of your wedding isn’t ideal… stylists can set everything up allowing you to take in the look and feel of your day, ditching the stress, knowing all those little details and beautiful decorations are taken care of! 


Here at KTV, we have a variety of options to save you as much time as you require; including full and partial venue styling options. We will get to know you, your vision, wishes, tastes and preferences and with this information we will create a unique styling plan for you. You can rest easy knowing that your wedding day will be professionally designed and co-ordinated flawlessly, leaving you to enjoy the days, months or years leading up to and of course the big day. 




Knowledge and experience


As their full-time passion, a dedicated, professional wedding stylist will live and breathe all things wedding design; trends, ideas and inspiration. They will have an incredibly creative eye that will allow you to delve into bespoke ideas, unique concepts and much more. With a stylist’s eye, your wedding day will have a sense of cohesion and will allow for those picture-perfect moments in a manner that may not have been possible had you taken matters into your own hands. 


They will also have access to an untold amount of highly skilled suppliers they have built incredible relationships with, that you are able to benefit from. A stylist will also have knowledge of rules and regulations for a variety of venues they are familiar with (knowing this can save time, mistakes and lots of stress). 


Here at KTV, we combine our experience and knowledge in design with our wonderful connections to guarantee you the perfect overall look on your big day. From flowers, to table decorations, from stationery to unique props, we’ll support you with that and even more! Our core values centre on honesty, integrity and trust – giving you the confidence that your big day will go exactly as you’d dreamed. 


Compare it to running your first marathon with a group of professional athletes coaching and supporting you every step of the way maybe even running it for you?!… totally amazing. 





Designing your dream wedding can become overwhelming, it’s easy to get over excited with costs easily spiralling out of control if you’re not careful.


Your initial thought might be that a wedding stylist is an additional cost that you simply can’t comprehend. But in fact, (que bold statement) a wedding stylist could be the best financial decision that you make for your wedding day! 


When it comes to wedding styling, it’s so easy to get carried away, losing track of what you have already invested in and by how much. This may result in you over-buying and overdressing the day with items that you don’t really need. A wedding stylist will avoid this for you. There will be plenty of items featured on your wedding day that are unlikely to be used again, you can save so much money by avoiding paying for them outright. With years of experience, a wedding stylist will be equipped with various props that will complement your vision.


A wedding stylist will have many contacts within the industry, they know what things should cost and where to go for the best quality and value for you, avoiding costly mistakes and finding quick, cost effective solutions if required.


Here at KTV we have a number of options to suit a variety of budgets, we’d love the opportunity to talk through the options with you; feel free to contact us today.





Peace of mind


Those words are truly invaluable.


Alongside the planning, there is a great deal involved in bringing the wedding styling to life, often much more than couples first realise. 


Don’t make the mistake of spending a fortune on décor, for it to be thrown together on the day by willing members of wedding party! A stylist can help on the day, making sure that everything has been done, to the very last detail and that nothing is left to chance. 


Detail is key and stylists have incredible attention to it. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your wedding styling is being brought together by a professional. It fills our heart with pride when we see the couples faces when they see the venue styled for the first time.



P.S. even the most organised of brides can benefit from having an event stylist on board. 


We hope that you’ve found this blog post useful and that you are a little more intrigued by the sound of a venue stylist, or maybe even considering us!


What next? 


We’d love to invite you for a complimentary consultation at our showroom, so that we can spend some time getting to know you, what you like and dislike, your expectations and desires for your big day. 


We’d be truly delighted to create a cohesive and original design concept for you based on your ideas (or with a complete blank canvas) and personalities as a couple.