‘You need darkness in order for there to be light’ 


How to find happiness in ‘simple things’ 


Who’d have thought that what we may have classed as such simple pleasures in 2019; takeaway coffee, exploring local businesses, long walks, fresh air, sunshine through the window (our list could go on and on) would actually become the things that helped moments of happiness and realness in 2020? 

Being pushed completely out of what we thought was our ‘comfort zone’ has allowed many of us to unleash creativity, scale back and to think outside of the box. We are seeing a beautiful new wave of enthusiasm for intimate, ‘simplistic’, nature inspired, relaxed wedding styling that we cannot wait to see through with our couples when the time is right. 

We believe that the pandemic has taught us once and for all to believe that we are enough! What we consider as style, our personality, our taste; if it makes us happy, that’s all that matters. With this in mind, we are also incredibly excited to see our couples pushing the boundaries! 


As nature intended 


Covid-19 has allowed us to look up more, to explore beautiful areas of our local countryside, appreciate natural sounds and sights that we were once too busy to notice. 

2020 saw the love of foliage increase tenfold, flowers and plants have provided glory in such dark moments for many. There is no doubt that wedding styling will include far more aspects of natural beauty than ever before, with so many of us opening our eyes that little wider. 

Maybe you’ve spotted a hidden gem for a wedding venue? We’d love to hear about it!


The art of gratitude 


When access to the things or people we love and treasure becomes restricted or even completely taken away from us, we suddenly realised their incredible place in our lives. 

Gratitude doesn’t need to be reserved for momentous occasions, you can also be thankful for as much as a piece of homemade cake you have finally learnt to master! 

2020 helped us to refocus on our relationships and on the truth that our partners and loved ones are usually the ones that stand by us in thick and thin, helping us to get through so many life events. When we are forced to spend every minute with them, or restricted to only seeing them at a distance or online, it has made the majority of us more grateful and appreciative. Weddings and celebrations will hold so much more meaning than before, in ways we may never have imagined before the pandemic hit. 


Never stop learning 


With the time to learn new skills, baking, cooking, crafting, photography, languages, whatever that might be, we are lucky enough to live in a world where learning is a few clicks away! 

So many incredible talents will emerge from the pandemic and we are looking forward to exploring the incredible new businesses that have been started because of it. 


To experience a stillness that is rarely noticed in modern life


We’re socialised to believe that resting is lazy, or that taking time for ourselves is an absolute  luxury. Not only that, many of us have a fear of saying no. We fill our calendars with things to do and places to be all of the time. Yet, without those things, we have been ‘forced’ to slow down, catch a breath and many of us have felt extremely relieved to do so. With more time to enjoy with in our bubbles, catching up with loved ones on Face-time, getting out to walk and explore without having to cut it short to rush off or be somewhere. 

Once this difficult time has passed, many of us will look at filling our schedules differently, setting more time aside for the things that truly matter. 


Life is uncertain 


In one sudden moment, life showed all of us that life is uncertain and that it is a constant change. From this, we learnt that the best way to live is simplistically, that we don’t need as many things as we thought we did. It has taught us to be brave and to take care of one another. 

Many couples have taken the incredibly bold decision to get married albeit with the relevant restrictions in place. This has meant that they have had to adjust their expectations and just go for it. With the hope of a huge celebration in the future, once this storm has passed. We applaud you!

Whether you are newly married, or your day has been postponed, we are certain the day will be meaningful in ways we could’ve never imagined before the pandemic. 

By embracing uncertainty, we can relieve ourselves of the burden of controlling most aspects of our lives, which is a source of constant stress. 

We would do well in living in the now. Rejoicing those things that life presents us with and be patient with the difficult things such as the Coronavirus, whilst knowing that this too shall pass, as the saying goes!