So, where to start? 


You could start with putting pen to paper! Jot down words that immediately spring to mind, ideas that you are most drawn to or memories that define you both. 


Here are some questions you could ask yourselves: 


What style do you incorporate the most within your home? 


What colours are you particularly drawn to? 


What fashion sense do each of you have? 


What are your favourite things? 


How and where did you meet?


Would you like to celebrate your family’s cultural heritage? 


The answers to these questions will help to steer you towards a wedding theme.


Tis’ the season 


The time of year will have a wonderful influence on your overall theme. For example, spring time influences include soft colours, new beginnings and natural vibes. Winter influences include deep meaningful colours, warming decoration and whimsical ways. 


Let the season guide you! 


Your venue


Your wedding venue will have a big impact on your wedding theme and it’s really important to factor this in when you are deciding on a theme. For example, a beautiful barn set in the countryside may suit a more rustic, boho theme. A venue that boasts a grand, high-ceilinged space is often the perfect excuse for an incredibly glamorous, lavish theme. Pay particular interest to your venues ambience and certain features that it offers.


You may also find it useful to bear in mind where your venue is located. Entwining natural elements of a countryside location is a wonderful idea. There will be lots of gorgeous photo opportunities. 



If you require any help at all, please do get in touch, we know many local venues inside out! 


Think outside of the box 


Push aside thoughts of previous events you have attended, opinions of others and inspiration that simply doesn’t feel right to you. Thinking outside of the box could include taking inspiration from the most unlikely of places; your favourite film, book, holiday, memory or hobby for example. Perhaps you are both convinced you should have been born in the 1920’s, therefore an art deco inspired, jazz fuelled wedding day will be perfect for you! Such a beautiful era in time. 



As always, there is no wrong or right when it comes to choosing a wedding theme. If your style doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ then that’s okay, in-fact that’s amazing. We urge you to embrace all that you are as a couple and go with what YOU feel is right, not what other influences steer you towards. We are here to guide/inspire and we will never discourage our couples (unless absolutely necessary of course)! 


Consider the mood you’d like to set 


This is often steered by your individual personalities!


Imagine yourself standing in your venue on the day. How do you want to feel? (Aside from the natural feelings of getting married), how do you want your guests to feel? Of course, your venue will pay a big part in this too! 


If you’re not too sure where to start, here are some words that might help you to decide on an overall feeling aside from love, that you want to create: Nostalgic, Romantic, Edgy, Fun, Calm, Overjoyed, Energetic, Proud, Enchanted. 


Once you have that feeling in your mind, you can begin to discover all of the elements that will evoke that feeling. For example, if you want to create an instant feeling of calm, a boho theme is a wonderful option for you. This theme is more ‘laid-back’ and ‘care-free’, far from traditional, you can incorporate elements of nature (there’s nothing more calming than that), rugs, help yourself cocktails, grazing tables, bamboo chairs, soft weave fabrics and woven placemats. 


If you want to create a more edgy vibe/feeling then perhaps a moody romantic theme would be perfect for you! A great choice for an Autumn/Winter wedding, it incorporates dark, vintage elements, burgundy, emerald green, mysterious lighting, plenty of candlelight and alternative decoration. We’ve had so much fun with this theme in the past! 


Your budget 


Some themes are more costly to execute than others, so keep your budget in mind as you narrow down your ideas. An all glitz and glam wedding theme will involve lots of lights, extravagant flowers and decor, whereas a boho theme can incorporate natural elements such as wood, greenery and wildflowers which can be more cost-effective. 


Here are some popular wedding themes for your consideration: 



Always a classic! If your heart lies in tradition and you are drawn to the world of vintage, then a classic theme is for you. The theme itself is a huge umbrella, it incorporates so many wonderful styles and aspects that can be tailored to your taste. Typically, a classic theme will incorporate calligraphy, soft hues and vintage lace. 




This is the ultimate reminiscent of a bygone era. Lots of vintage style weddings make reference to the Victorian era, as well as the 20’s and 40’s. This theme is expressed through decoration such as, bunting, birdcages, vintage furniture, family heirlooms, jewel-coloured glasses, floral fabrics, lacing and other elements that take you and your guests away to another era for the day! 




Inspired by the simplicity of country life and the beautiful outdoors, a rustic wedding theme incorporates natural unstructured bouquets and flowers, string lights, mason jars, twine, lace and wood that all contributes to a warming vibe.  If you’re a fan of DIY, rustic wedding decor will be your cup of tea. A more rural venue is the perfect place to host a rustic wedding. 





Luxurious weddings tend to be traditional at heart, but extravagantly decorated. Sparkle, metallic, stand out features such as flower walls, opulent centrepieces and elegant invitations - we ADORE it all! 





For those couples who’s hearts are with live music, fields of green, teepees and bright colours. A festival theme is so much fun! It is so laid-back, bursting with energy, wellies and bunting! Go crazy with wedding signage, foliage, pom-poms and fairy lights. Perfect for couples that share the festival love! Everyone will be up and dancing in no time. 





If you’re a laid-back couple, with bohemian style, this theme is for you! Relaxed and cool, often described as being ‘like the pages of an enchanted book’. Think pampas grass, feathers, soft blush and cream colours, greenery, free-flowing and natural vibes. 



Other themes include, secret garden, fairy tale, whimsical, alternative, organic and moody romance (amongst so many beautiful options). 


Of course, there is nothing to say that you even need a wedding theme, but it will help you to plan the look and feel of you day and how it will all come together. A theme can dictate, flowers, entertainment, food and even your wedding dress style. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of setting your heart on a wedding theme, keep it simple. Add personal elements without labelling it. After all, your wedding day is yours!


As always, we are here to help. 


With love, KTV x