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With fewer tables and a smaller space, the only limit to your style is your imagination. 


Personalised detailing 


When planning a larger wedding, personalised detailing is often overlooked or might not feature on the list of priorities for many understandable reasons! However, with a smaller wedding to plan/style, there is more opportunity to make every piece of stationery, menu card, gesture etc stand out. For example, hand-written thank-you notes, individually tailored menu cards or even miniature personalised biscuits will not go un-noticed by your guests. They are incredibly thoughtful ways of thanking your loved ones who are celebrating your wonderfully intimate wedding day with you. You could make the personalised elements long-lasting enough for your guests to treasure for years to come (should they wish). 

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If you wanted to go the extra mile to make your guests feel special, you could even drop off brunch boxes the night of the wedding for the next morning or leave special messages in their guest rooms with small gifts. 


A lower headcount will allow you to do things you couldn’t at a larger scale. 


How beautiful are these alternatives to place cards; 


True to you


A more intimate wedding setting gives you so many opportunities to create a really unique design that is completely true to your style! There will be no pressure at all to embrace tradition if you choose not to, or to conform to the ‘normal’ ways of doing things. You’ll be surrounded by those who know you inside out, the closest people in the world to you. They’ll want to celebrate your big day in YOUR style, because that’s what they love about you, your unique, quirky ways and that’s what needs to shine through with your styling.


If you choose to work with professional venue stylists like us here at KTV, we’ll spend time getting to know you both, your likes, dislikes, your day-to-day style and what an ideal wedding day would look like to you. We’ll make it happen, so you don’t need to stress about any of it! With a smaller affair, you can focus on creating a day that is true to your style without the pressure of conforming to anything other than that. 


If you want to break the style rules, break them! If you want to style your wedding as traditional as possible, you go for it. Stay true to you. 


The beauty of a smaller wedding is that you’ll have more tie to soak up the styling and the incredible atmosphere that you have created! 




Intimate weddings provide the opportunity to be more relaxed with styling. For us here at KTV Venue Stylists, it is all about finding the perfect balance between understated elegance and fun. We have been lucky enough to style a number of beautifully relaxed wedding days, including picnic tables and haybales! 


You’ll know your wedding guests incredibly well, so you’ll have a good idea of what will instantly make them feel relaxed and what you may choose to avoid; with a smaller list of attendees, you are able to do this should you wish. Natural flowers and trailing greenery will instantly provide a more relaxed feel. Swapping from formal florals to seasonal styles with a wilder edge is a wonderful idea. 

If your wedding day is super intimate, maybe you’ll want to include family heirlooms like vintage china and silver or hand-embroidered napkins. A smaller wedding provides you with a perfect chance to evoke so many wonderful emotions throughout the day. 


As always, we urge you to consider lighting! Twilight provides the most gorgeous wind-down for you and your guests, picking up on intimacy with a cosy, warm feeling; it is important to spend some time perfecting your lighting elements. 


As stylists, we love to explore relaxed styled weddings and we are always creating beautifully unique ways to execute a relaxed vibe for our couples, as it becomes a more popular choice of celebration. 




Endless twinkly lights will create a magical feel, regardless of the season. With a smaller venue to decorate, you are able to highlight the added detailing and extra lengths you have gone to in terms of styling.

Creative set-ups can enhance ambiance and flair, including a custom wedding bar set-up. You could name your own cocktail after guests. 

Add romantic quotes or welcoming signage for your guests to appreciate and include smaller areas where they are able to relax, with relaxed seating, low tables and lots of candlelight.