Love is Sweet - Candy Cart Alternatives at a Wedding


When planning your wedding day everyone thinks or hopes for sweeties.

Now we are totally on board with this however we have picked some alternative options for you to think about rather than the traditionally opted-for Candy Cart.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you have fun with it! We know we will be enjoying every bit of your big day just thinking about all the yummy possibilities!

Now Candy Carts are an easy, quick way to display your wedding sweets and offer that classic style in décor, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but whichever you chose, ultimately it will be a standard style of cart. This may be exactly what you are after, if this is the case then jobs a good’un.

But… bear with us whilst we work our way through some of our other ideas.

Some, you may agree are brilliant, others a little wacky, but the fun is vital, and you should always dare to be different from the crowd when it comes to your wedding day!


The Sweet Buffet


Now this may sound simple, and you may also be thinking, anyone can do that. It’s all about the look!

The choice of jars, stands and of course choice of sweets all make a difference, however, this is just the beginning.

Use your accent colour, pops of colours with your sweets, and add candles, flowers and other decorative pieces to the table, it then becomes so much more than just a sweet table, it becomes a sweet paradise and another visual focal piece for you and your guests to enjoy.

You can also take this one step further by using different prop items to display your candy tables.

A multitude of coloured sailboard backdrops, wooden or metal plinths of varying heights and sizes and beautiful jars and tubs of sweets create an elegant and dreamy vibe to your wedding celebrations. Or why not imagine large wooden drink barrels with wooden planks placed in between, Flowing flowers and greenery and your full display of sweeties, it is truly a sight to behold.

The options are endless, and we love creating fun and new exciting ways of displaying your sweeties or grazing table.

Wooden Plinths for Sweet or Grazing Table




In our best Homer Simpson voices Mmmmmmmmmm

Doughnuts are so on-trend right now and lots of couples are getting on board, trading their tiered cakes, or having them as a late-night snack addition, either way, we are so down for this!

We absolutely adore all these brilliant ways of displaying these ringed beauties Large 6.5ft tall freestanding doughnut walls, smaller tabletop stands, Doughnut towers or clear acrylic ring toss type stands the options go on and on and everyone will love it. You can personalise the napkins or the little bags to put them in making them even more adorable if that’s even possible!

Rustic Donut Wall for a Wedding


Sundae Stations


A relative newcomer to the wedding scene but just as sweet and adorable as all those that have come before. We simply love the idea of having your own ice cream factory.

 Sprinkles, chocolate drops, fresh fruit we don’t mind admitting we are drooling a little. And so would you be, again this can be set up simply on a table, you can have a designated ice cream vendor, whether that be a traditional ice cream van or a small bike and trailer, whichever option you choose from just keeps adding interest and charm to your big day.


Popcorn, Slushies & Candy Floss.. Anyone?


When creating food areas for your wedding, don't forget all the classics like popcorn and slushies. But if you want to do something a little bit different, we suggest serving candy floss instead! Not only is it delicious, but it's also really cute and perfect for a summer wedding.

Displaying these fun yummy treats doesn’t have to be boring and plain, you can jazz it up by using fun, colourful serving trays and wrappers. This way your guests will be able to enjoy their sweet treats in style!

Rustic Popcorn Station at a Wedding


Dessert Tables


Oh My Days!

Now, this is one of our personal fave’s. Everyone loves a bit of cake, don’t they?

Why not have your wedding dessert at a table set up outdoors, in the garden perhaps? This will be the perfect place to enjoy your delicious treats while enjoying the beautiful weather. If outdoors is not an option, then opt for a luxurious display of Cakes, ice cream cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops. Every single item you choose for your dessert table is going to look and taste incredible add some extra styling with flowers and candles and this will be the Insta-worthy dessert table of your dreams.

     Dessert Table for Luxury Wedding

You don't have to limit yourself to sweet treats when planning your wedding. In fact, sometimes it can be fun to go outside the box and try something new. For example, we think it would be amazing to serve roasted chestnuts as an appetizer. Not only are they delicious, but they're also unique and different. And who knows... maybe somebody will start eating them like nuts instead of chestnuts! we think this is a divine choice!

 Wedding Sweet Table Alternative

Treats are always a winner and will make you and your guests smile. So go ahead and indulge in all your sweet cravings! just remember to keep your choices in theme with all your other decor pieces and lastly don’t forget to eat some yourself!

The team at KTV have a wonderful selection of options available to you for displaying your treats and goodies for your big day, and with new stock items coming in almost weekly, we are sure we will be able to help you find the right thing for your wedding.

Book an appointment at our Design studio to find out more!