The location was simply the most perfect setting for this.

Are you looking for that Insta-Worthy Wedding?

Are you thinking about an industrial style but not sure how to incorporate it into your venue?

After 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, we are excited to let you know that we have created an Insta-worthy styling collection with a signature twist.


When we are talking about the latest trends the industrial wedding style is the one to hit the wedding scene. A super chic style that’s unique and different and can give a modern twist to the contemporary but elegant inspired décor.



Our picture-perfect photo shoot set in the Orangery at the stunning Barton Hall in Northamptonshire was the perfect setting to inspire future brides who are looking for that Insta-worthy wedding whilst still feeling individual.

There is nothing better suited to those criteria than our Signature Black Industrial Collection. A new addition to our styling packages it is the perfect mix of classic colours, clean lines, and inspiring style.

If you are not sure what your style or colour palette should be why not take a look at our other styling collections here.

Not only is Barton Hall breath-taking but the staff are wonderfully friendly and took care of us all day during the photo shoot. David, the events manager, let us have the absolute pleasure of hosting our photoshoot at Barton Hall!

Nothing is too big of an ask for them, they’re always happy to help out or to bring you a hot cup of coffee which is always greatly received!

If you think Barton Hall could be the venue for you to host your big day, please get in touch with them to arrange a viewing.



Opting for a black and white monochrome theme for our photoshoot we created a clean, elegant look, this is equally matched by the stunning architecture and style of Barton Hall. Their Orangery has floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the room with oodles of natural light. If you want an outdoor wedding but fear the British weather will not cooperate, the Orangery is the best place to say your “I Do’s”.



We combined the classic black & white colour palette with touches of silver mixed in with green foliage, which to us screams contemporary and classy! It is the easiest colour for couples who love simplicity, we feel that the industrial twist on this classic palette is not only brave but on-trend. We accentuated the already stunning setting with stunning textures, layers, and candlelight which only added to this bold but romantic setting.


 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire




There are many purposes to your wedding ceremony, whether you are religious or not, it’s a very important part of your wedding. It’s where you and your partner bring together all the people you care for to watch you express, you’re ever-lasting love for each other.

We love an arch, or 2, or even 3! Don’t be afraid to go big. We feel the bigger the better when creating the backdrop to where you both make your promise of love, laughter, and happily ever after.


weddings in northamptonshire 

weddings in northamptonshire 

weddings in northamptonshire 


When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most exciting parts is deciding what the event will look like. Your table styling plays a large role in transforming the space and your top table is taking centre stage. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest choosing a style that suits the vibe you want your day to reflect.

For our photo shoot, the monochrome colour palette was striking alongside this beautiful venue, with layers, heights, textures, candles, and florals with hints of silver. Sounds like an absolute dream! This was perfected by our stunning Industrial table stand which gave it style, functionality, and most definitely the wow factor!

Your top table is where people’s eyes will be drawn throughout the day and as such, it should stand as proudly as the happy couple. We used lots of softening florals, and foliage to create a stunning display to make the perfect backdrop to your wedding breakfast.


 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire



LET’S EAT CAKE (oh, go on then!)

Your cake shouldn’t fade into the background, you spend a huge amount of time selecting your cake, its style, and its flavouring’s why not give it the centre stage it deserves.

Many people leave their cake’s design to do the talking, and whilst we agree it doesn’t mean its display has to be boring!!

We created a truly spectacular backdrop to showcase your deliciously designed cake, with different heights of stands and arches the addition of flowers and foliage to create some interest and soften the overall look all add to the beauty of your cake and complete the final look of your day



 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire





Flowers are such a significant part of your wedding décor which is why we now provide the option of fresh flowers. We have loved working with fresh flowers on a more regular basis…they do transform a room. There are many reasons why you should consider having fresh flower arrangements at your wedding. The main one that stands out to us is that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event so why not go the extra mile? One of the most overlooked perks of fresh flowers is their scent! You will associate that scent with the happiest day of your life forever…who wouldn’t want that?

If you are planning to add personal touches to your wedding, there are plenty of ways you can do so and one of them is personalising your flowers. But instead of basing your choice of flower colours and style alone, let each flower's significance and meaning inform your decision too, and start beautiful storytelling when picking your wedding flowers.

When choosing flowers for our photoshoot we have decided to focus our choice purely on white flowers, they fit perfectly with our overall vision and the theme we choose.


White tulips have a meaning of forgiveness, respect, purity, and honour. The most known meaning of tulips is perfect and deep love. The flower is associated with happiness and love.


A white gerbera flower symbolizes virtue and simplicity. They are an ideal addition to the unity and purity of these occasions.


The white rose is also called the bridal rose and as such represent unity and new bonds of love

The white rose at a wedding carries the message of new beginnings and purity.




Candles are so underrated! The simplicity of candlelight helps to create the epitome of romance. They create an intimate feel adding warmth, light and creating a romantic ambience that you and your guests will love.

Opting to be a little bit bold, you can use coloured candles in your design. This will emphasize every little detail and ensure a cohesive and blended look to your chosen décor


 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire

 weddings in northamptonshire




If you are looking for a dedicated team of industry professionals who will go above and beyond for you and your special day, look no further.

You can count on us to execute your venue styling to perfection with the highest attention to detail.

Your wedding is a big deal to us and we want to make sure the styling will take your breath away, so don’t waste any more time.

Come and visit our design studio to have a chat over a glass of bubbles.

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