When it comes to exploring wedding colour palettes fit for a spring wedding, there are some things that you’ll need to bear in mind:


-Your venue (your colours should enhance what you love so much about your venue) 

-Your priorities (if there some details that you couldn’t leave behind, try to you use those as a starting point for your palette) 

-The mood you’d like to set (whether it’s relaxed or nostalgic, think about what colours put you in that mind-set)

-What you love (what inspires you, what colours are you drawn to the most without considering ‘trends’ or other influences)


Above all, it’s important not to overthink it too much. We know that’s easier said than done as it is always the first question you’ll be asked in the early stages of your wedding planning process. Try not to let that pressure influence you picking the ‘right’ hues.


Of course, that’s the beauty of having a wedding stylist; it is our job to take the pressure off altogether!


Let’s talk spring colours… 


Think about the shade you want to use to bring out the season in your colour palette. In the wedding world, spring is represented so beautifully with fresh colours.


Pastels are a popular choice and the category offers such a wonderful array of colours. 

Think hues along the lines of blush pink, periwinkle blue, lilac, lavender and sage green. Each of those beautiful colours creates that spring like feeling, that is refreshing and full of life, yet somewhat calming too. 


Lavender & green hues


Lavender is the perfect colour to bring your spring wedding styling to life.

The beauty of it is that it can be adapted to every season and style. It can be carefree and whimsical or classic and serene. Lavender can be incorporated into mosts if not all aspects of your styling. 

Adding in soft greens, blush pink and white hues will balance things out wonderfully for a colour palette that is easy to work with, achieves a calming, aesthetically pleasing and seasonal celebration. 

If lavender is a must have colour for you or you would like to explore ways to incorporate it into your existing palette, then please reach out, we would love to help you.  


Sage green and blush 


We adore sage green for so many reasons.

With a strong tie to nature, this colour hue is perfect for spring and for couples who want to incorporate natural styling into their wedding day. There are so many options to explore with sage green, including (the most obvious) flowers and foliage. Sage green pairs well with a variety of colours, including spring like blush, peach and neutral hues that will provide a soft, serene palette for seamless styling. 

Playing with the colours found in nature is the most excellent source for inspiration, to achieve a spring wedding style that is fresh and modern. 

Foliage has been incredibly popular in wedding styling and even home styling for that matter. We see no signs of this popularity slowing down any time soon. The love for all things nature and greenery is wonderful to see. Greenery can have such a fantastic impact on our mood, it is grounding and incredibly soothing; allowing guests to fully immerse themselves comfortably throughout the day. 


Soft blues


Allowing us to drift away to brighter days where the skies are beautifully blue, this choice of colour  palette offers a variety of hues that are perfect for achieving calm and relaxation. 

Soft blues work well with a variety of accent colours, including a soft yellow that allows us to feel a little sunshine and happiness. 

For spring, pairing light blues with light and muted colours offers a fresh look that isn’t overpowering in any way. 

Dusty blue is one of our favourite blue spring colours, it is clear, elegant and the styling possibilities are endless with it. When adding greenery to it, the effect is gorgeous, it also pairs incredibly well with yellow, which is a match made in heaven. It has a cheerful effect and is incredibly easy on the eye.

As with all colour palettes, less is often more, so it’s important to get the right balance of colours with your wedding styling. 


Peach perfect


Elegant and sweet, peach is the perfect warm-up colour for summer! 

It is a beautiful balance of warm and cool which suits spring time so incredibly well. 

Peach sits well with a variety of colours including soft grey, green, dusty blue, gold and white.

It is a happy-go-lucky colour that (when styled perfectly) will evoke so many wonderful emotions throughout the day. You could add simple, understated elements of peach within a neutral colour palette, in your flower arrangements, centre-pieces or favours.

Alternatively you could add elements of greenery, grey and soft pinks to brighten things up and provide guests with that feeling of a spring in their step. 

We love working with peach colours, especially during the spring season, it is a colour that is often overlooked, but we are confident there will be a peach shift and the carefree shades will be coming out in full force. 


Never underestimate the power of peach! 


These are just a small selection of spring colour palette ideas. To achieve a wedding colour palette without the hassle, stress and pressure that often comes with the process, we would be delighted to help you. Our services begin from the initial brainstorming right up to the styling on the day; which part/s you decide to include us in is completely up to you. 


We hope this blog has helped enhance your enthusiasm for spring colour palettes!