~ having your cake and eating it! 


Plenty of us are making small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle be it our fashion choices or the way we consume our food and energy. 


Lots more brides are seeking, in whatever way possible, to make their wedding day more sustainable and it’s so wonderful to see! 


When it comes to bringing your dream wedding day to life, there are tons of more eco-friendly styling options out there.


Being conscious in your wedding choices along the way creates a ripple effect. No choice is too small, and every bit counts towards doing your part for the earth.




This plays a HUGE part in how eco-friendly your wedding is, it is at the heart of your day! 

When it comes to venue choice, we are incredibly lucky here in the UK to have so many wonderful wedding venues that offer planet-kind, green initiatives without compromising on style. 


From chic country houses, to woodland retreats and family run farms in the countryside, there’s been some really wonderful innovation in recent years when it comes to planet kind celebration spaces in idyllic settings. 


Check your venue’s sustainability credentials carefully, there is a huge difference between what one and another can offer. 


For our professional help or advice on eco-friendly venues, please get in touch, we would be thrilled to help. 




Given their link to… nature, it’s hard to believe that there is such thing as unsustainable flowers, but there is! Having exotic and non-seasonal flowers at your wedding usually means they have been shipped or flown from abroad.


Firstly, we highly recommend buying from a local business and opting for beautiful, seasonal flowers! It’s important to ensure that when you are choosing your florist you make sure they’re not using floral foam (a non bio-degradable product that contains micro plastics - one of the biggest problems in our world today) or plastic and that they are transparent enough about how they work and where their locally sourced or ethically certified flowers come from. Choose a florist that best shares your values!


Alongside fresh flowers there are a handful of suppliers of alternative eco friendly paper flowers and dried flowers.


Another wonderful idea is to grow your own flowers or ask a green-fingered friend/family member to do the honours for you! This adds a lovely sentiment behind your flowers too! 


We work with so many incredible, local businesses and we would be delighted to help you hand-pick the right florist for you! 




Wedding stationery means lots and lots of paper! One of the most obvious ways that you can save the environmental impact is by avoiding waste as much as possible. Work out how much stationery you need for your wedding and ensure you don’t buy more than you will use. 


There’s several ways that you can save the environmental impact and it is now much easier to find invitations that are printed on recycled paper or that use alternative materials and up-cycled fabrics. Seed paper is a fantastic biodegradable material to opt for, it sprouts into flowers when plated in a pot of soil!


Also, look for double up items, for example, favour tags with your guests name printed on so that there’s no need for a separate place card. 


Ultimately, there are lots of ways you can make your wedding invites and stationery a little more eco friendly. It doesn’t mean you have to have it all made out of brown paper and string. Simply be mindful about what you need to order, double up or leave items out altogether. Opt for sustainable and recycled materials where possible and remember that it’s not always about getting it 100% perfect. Every small step in the right direction is a great start! 


As well as on the day stationery, consider eco-friendly options for your on the day signage. 

Reclaimed wood pallets, eco-friendly acrylic, find someone local who would take on your wedding signage as an up-cycling project or have a go at getting creative yourself! 


If you need any inspiration or help bringing your ideas to life, please get in touch! 



This is something that isn’t necessarily needed on your wedding day, but it’s really nice to be able to give your guests a little treat as a big thank you for being with you on such an incredibly special day. If you have decided to have them on your sustainable day, then there are a few things you can do to make sure that you are as eco-friendly as possible, here are some of our ideas: 


Fabric-wrapped handmade soap

Looks and smells amazing, you could also personalise them too! You could have your name and wedding date on or, add your guests name and use as name places… even more eco-friendly!



We adore the idea of seeds for eco-friendly favours, they are a beautiful gift and mean that lots of trees and plants will be planted in honour of your wedding day. They’ll look incredibly stylish on your tables too.



Perfect for gifting and for table decorations too!  



You could place them on a table for people to help themselves.



If you’re the DIY type then you could forage for berries and make your own jam for your guests, or buy local produce in little jars. 


Beeswax candles 

These all-natural little beauties look great and they make wonderful eco-friendly wedding favours. 




Rent where you can 

When it comes to furniture, lighting, accessories and props, hiring reusable items instead of buying new wherever possible is the greenest way to go and the more locally you can source it the better! We would be delighted to discuss our prop hire services with you if this is something that you would like to consider.


Natural materials 

Crisp white tablecloths aren’t for everyone, so why not consider linens made from natural fibres for your tablescapes? Hessian, hemp or pure linen are the perfect accompaniment to rustic natural wood tables, vintage tableware and candles. Coupled with seasonal flowers and foliage, this will create a beautiful guilt-free country chic vibe. 


Place cards 

Paperless options are not only incredibly eco-friendly, they are also beautiful too! Hanmade paper, plantable sheets,


Wooden crates 

There are so many wonderful ways to use wooden crates at your wedding and they’re a fab piece of decor! 




Bottle centrepieces

Keep your used bottles, even ask friends and family to do the same! The bottles can be used as centrepieces for candles or flowers. You might choose to feature your favourite drink or the bottles that signify something in your life or your personality.   




Foraged elements 

Examples include, sprayed pine cones, leaves in gold, rosemary and lavender all of which can be foraged and included in beautiful, natural wedding styling. 


Potted plants

Give your wedding tables an unconventional twist with an English country garden vibe! 

Potted plants can also be taken home after the wedding day.  


Repurposed signage 

Instead of printing table plans, menus and welcome signs, display them on reusable chalk boards or framed glass.  




Whether it’s to professionals like ourselves or friends and family, reach out and ask for help bringing your eco-friendly wedding day to life! There are lots of ways others can get involved and help to take the pressure off. 


Above all, know that you’re doing something incredibly good!