There is a good reason that people associate the wedding season with the summer months and many people feel June is the month that kicks off summer.

The weather tends to be sunnier, warmer and the days last longer, all plus points when you’re in your planning phase, you’ve probably already considered dates in June, July and August and why wouldn’t you? To help guide you we are going to give you our top 5 pros of throwing a summer wedding and why we love them!



1.    You can take advantage of the amazing weather


The weather alone makes a great case for why a summer wedding is the best time of year for your celebrations. Now we know that the weather in the UK is a little sporadic at best, but you are at least, less likely to have to deal with storms and snow, however, you can count on longer, warmer days in general. We always recommend having a ceremony “backup” just in case.


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 Summer vibes- resized


2.    There is a huge variety of Flowers to choose from


This is something you would likely not think about, but for us it is key. Summer offers a wide variety of flower options and they are always priced better than any other time of the year. Many more varieties of flowers are in bloom during the summer months and are more like to be available.


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3.    Travel Flexibility


The summer as we know plays host to the inevitable School holidays, and several bank holidays meaning you can turn a standard weekend into a long weekend. Not only this you are able to look into having a mid-week wedding which will save you money, Most wedding venues and suppliers will offer discounts for mid-week weddings which can only be a plus right?


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4.    Outdoor venues


Because of the milder weather, this can open up options in your chosen venue that you may not have even thought of.

Utilizing their outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens for your wedding ceremony really will add that extra level of romance to your big day.

Pagoda’s, Tipi tents, marquees, and so many other options are available to you during this warmer, picturesque time of year. If you are interested in finding local venues with outdoor ceremony options in Northamptonshire you can find out more here.


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5.    Colour palette's galore!


When planning your wedding most people plan their colour scheme around the time of year, while you can technically choose any palette during the whole year deep, dark colours for the winter months and bright bold colours are used in summer.

During the summer months, you have free rein on the full-colour spectrum, what’s not to love about that. Incorporating as many pops of colour as your heart desires, neutral, natural colours, or pastel shades, the choices are endless, and we love nothing more than coming up with new colour combinations.


 Vibing summer colours for your wedding - resized



Each wedding is unique and personal, we love all seasons, but the summer is a firm favourite for not only the happy couple but for suppliers and venues alike. Warmer, brighter, longer days lead to longer celebrations on your special day. After all, it should be a day that lasts as long as possible.


 If you are planning a wedding and would like some guidance on styling and décor then pop us a message here or book a consultation at our design studio

Much Love 

Team KTV!


Photos taken at the beautiful Cranford Hall- You can contact them here to book a viewing