You and your guests will spend a large portion of the reception at a table, so it’s important to think carefully about the décor.  


Here’s some considerations that we believe to be most important when it comes to wedding table design; 




It is important not to overthink/overcomplicate the table design; allow the style to be a continuation of your day, using consistent colours, textures, materials and delicate detailing. 


Consistent theme is always very appealing to the eye.  


Here are some essential items you’ll want to make sure are styled perfectly and given some serious thought. 


On-the-table stationery 

This can include, place names, menus and table names or numbers. The way you present these is important, taking into consideration practical factors such as ease of reading. It is wonderful if the font, colours used etc are in-keeping with the overall wedding theme/style. Our creative team can assist you in making maximum impact with your stationery. 


We always say that time spent perfecting the little touches is most important when styling a wedding and your stationery is no exception. 




Typically, this will include cloth items such as napkins, tablecloths, table runners, chair ties. This is one of the first considerations that we urge our couples to make. The linen will provide the base for your table design. 


If your tabletops are already aesthetically pleasing, then you’ll probably want to keep them visible. If you are opting for layers, then it’s important to choose colours and textures that match or complement your wedding colours. Take time to choose the right fabrics and embellishments. 


Want something unique? Get in touch with our designers for custom table design. 


Statement centrepieces 

A centrepiece is a great opportunity to bring more decoration, vibrancy and added interest into the room. We love being tasked with alternative, creative centrepieces; the requests have become more frequent/popular in recent years. Foliage, flowers, candles and lanterns are the most favoured items for creating a truly wonderful design. 


You’ll need to consider the size and shape of your tables when it comes to centrepieces; If you are limited with space or want to make a real impact (and the venue allows) why not have your centrepiece hanging over the table?


Little details

Those darling details can really add something even more special to your table settings. Add little ornaments and quirky elements for some unexpected charm.  


‘Beautiful but measured’ 


Use defined space for your decorative details. For example, if you are using a runner for the centre of your table, use this as the defined space. 


Our golden rule; less is more! 



Shape and size 

First, you’ll need to become familiar with your choices, round, rectangular and square are the most favoured options.  



Round tables are the most popular choice, they are gorgeously classic and create a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. It’s all about the layers here! Incorporate textures, patterns and colour that complements your wedding style. Top tip; shorter arrangements on round tables will allow conversation to flow! 



Long and narrow 

You’ll have lots of beautiful space to play with here! However, don’t put pressure on yourself to fill it all! Clever design can prevent overload and clutter. 


Here’s a few top tips; 

Create a middle zone, add texture by layering a beautiful runner over a solid tablecloth (or without if you are blessed with beautiful bare tables), or, use beautiful greenery.

Add dimension with décor of different heights, for example, you might want to alternate between tall, statement vases accompanied by medium and small hurricane candles and votives.

The beauty of long tables is that you don’t have to settle on round plates. Square or rectangular settings will mimic the tables’ shape, which is very pleasing on the eye.  


Top tip; Avoid clutter and take care with height to ensure all guests can see and talk to each other as they wish. 



Square and rectangular tables

Top tip; Incorporate round accents to soften the edges. Your options are endless. For example, you could place votives and round chargers on the tables, curvaceous vases and rounded candle holders to provide a beautiful balance between edge and elegance.  



As that wonderful saying goes… ‘consistency is key’.


We always recommend that our couples stay consistent with their wedding styling as much as possible. Spending time ironing out your overall vision in the early stages of planning will allow you to stay ‘on track’; saving you time and stress. 


Bear in mind you will need to keep your table styling consistent with the other areas of your wedding - such as your floral arrangements, ceremony furniture, and signage. For example, if the rest of your wedding styling is simple and romantic, then create your table settings to also reflect this theme. In doing so this will ensure that you create a wedding style that will link back to each area of your day and create a connected and easy flow of your celebration.


For a boho style wedding, why not incorporate beautiful foliage into your table design? Placed on top of effortless chiffon material, foliage fits as part of the table runner on this rustic square table. Complemented with scattered petals, a lantern feature and dainty detailing, it’s not hard to fall in love with this boho theme. 


If you need help with your overall wedding style, we’d love to help. Please get in contact with our design team. 



Alongside looking absolutely beautiful, you should also ensure that your table styling and setting is functional and comfortable for your guests too. Before finalising your table designs it’s important to bear some practicalities in mind:


Your menu; If it is a feasting style, make sure there is space between your décor for platters of food. If you chose a more formal style menu, you’ll need enough cutlery for your entrée and desserts. The place setting will not have plates set to begin with, so consider using a charger plate and a napkin laid on top with a menu sitting on top.



Conversations; does your table design allow all of your guests to look at and speak to one another freely, even across the table? If space isn’t on your side, you may need to consider ways that you can create some extra room; smaller clusters of floral blooms and candles in various sizes for example.



Comfort; you and your guests will be seated for a while, therefore, it’s important that the table and chairs are comfortable and caters for all of your guests needs. Top tip; have your table mocked up, sit at it as if you were a guest.


With our wedding styling service, you’ll receive beautiful styling and peace of mind when it comes to the practicalities too! 



Don’t forget your chairs! This is one aspect of table decoration that is sometimes overlooked. Chair covers and sashes aren’t for everyone – if you want a different way to dress up your wedding chairs, we’d love to help inspire you.  Follow the design of the day, keep things flowing and don’t be put off by pulling away from the ‘norm’, from bunting, to hessian drape and foliage, lace, to floral wreaths, you can get really creative with chairs; they can make a big impact.



A seamless table layout is not only an art form, but also serves as a way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 


Contact our designers today for professional wedding styling options.