There is no doubt in our minds that 2021 wedding trends are going to be heavily influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown. For many couples around the world, the outbreak has given them no choice but to postpone their wedding day, something that no couple ever wants to do. However, what has been so apparent in this unprecedented time is an unforgettable keep calm and carry on attitude with the sheer determination to make celebrations in 2021 even more amazing. 


Acts of gratitude


Weddings will have an even deeper meaning in 2021. There will be reflection on recent events, a feeling of sheer gratitude for good health and a beautiful appreciation of the ‘freedom’; to finally celebrate with loved ones who we cherish and hold close now more than ever. 

The devil is in the detail. We are firm believers that the ‘little things’ should never be overlooked when it comes to wedding styling and we think that they will be incredibly impactful in 2021. Personalised notes and gifts are such a fantastic way of giving thanks and showing your guests gratitude. Given recent events, we also believe that guests are more likely to take a moment to read and absorb personalised notes and gifts. Coronavirus has certainly enabled lots of us to really appreciate the importance of time and especially the time to reflect. 

As couples continue to champion traditions and with coronavirus really putting everything into perspective, we feel that guests will be keen to treasure the kind words or gifts that you kindly hand or leave beautifully placed for them. Afterall, keepsakes are everything and there is nothing more rewarding than a guest treasuring your gestures for years to come. 

Here at KTV Venue Stylists, we are lucky enough to work with a wonderful variety of creative suppliers to provide you with the most beautiful personalised gifts to say exactly what you want to in the most impactful way, keeping your chosen themes flowing seamlessly throughout.  We’d love to help you implement the most perfect details for your big day.  

Coloured plates, navy and rustic blue and vintage coloured glassware.


Small but mighty 


2021 is where we believe micro weddings will begin to take the spotlight and we couldn’t be more excited! Under the radar, smaller weddings have been considered chic for a while. These little gems are incredibly intimate; a full wedding day, just on a much smaller scale. They are usually shorter and favoured by couples who would like to achieve a more relaxed vibe over a ‘traditional’ wedding day. 

Despite being small in size, style and detailing isn’t compromised in fact it is quite the opposite. Micro weddings often lend focus to every inch of detail (our favourite of course). From the entertainment, to the table design, to the all-important finishing touches, every aspect is perfected. The different aspects of a micro wedding can be incredibly personalised to ensure that the couple and each of their guests enjoy the most wonderful day.  

The beauty of a micro wedding is that it can be anything you want it to be. Whether you are embracing tradition or breaking the ‘rules’, it is completely up to you! We predict that 2021 will see more couples breaking the traditional boundaries and confidently letting their creativity shape their big day, after all, 2020 has taught us that life can be quite literally turned upside down at any moment. We can’t wait to help our 2021 couples bring their micro wedding day to life. 

Who wouldn't want a swing at their wedding reception? With so many beautiful spots at Hill Farm House it was easy to add this swing for our bride and her wedding guests.


Light the way 


2021 wedding days will be impactful in so many ways and we believe that nothing will emphasise the emotions of the day better than beautiful lighting.

A well-lit space (a space that utilises a carefully thought-out lighting design) is key to successfully creating immersive ambiance within a wedding venue. Guests can be truly immersed in lighting, enticing them to then look up, around or in front, taking a moment to think ‘gosh how magical’ as they feel every emotion throughout the beautiful day. 

Lighting is certainly a venue stylist’s best friend; complementing décor, standing as a display in itself, influencing mood and signifying different stages of the day. Of course, there are many practical considerations to be made, lighting can be a tricky business, but with the right help, lighting can be truly incredible.  

At the table. You can never have enough candles! There is something so magical about candlelight, it signifies individual life and creates the most remarkable atmosphere, illuminating every detail of the table, candlelight will enhance the impact of the centrepieces even further. When candlelight is cleverly placed, it provides the perfect lighting for dinner guests, enabling them to fully relax, let their guard down as they enjoy food, champagne and conversations. 

Outdoors. Providing illumination and warmth, outdoor lighting allows the party to continue (should you wish) once the natural light starts to fade and providing the guests with that last emotion as they leave the venue at the end of an unforgettable day. Depending on the venue, there are so many beautiful possibilities here, innumerable fairy lights, hanging candles, lanterns, teardrops from trees, ‘caves of wonder’ and so on. Lighting can be cleverly adapted to create the atmosphere that the couple desires.  

Down the Aisle. Aisle lighting has a really high impact. When it is executed in the right way, a well-lit aisle will create a soft, glowing pathway before you. 

Here at KTV we can take care of the technicalities and the design to create the atmosphere that you desire with clever lighting.




2021 will see the rise in couples confidently executing unique and creative wedding atmospheres that portray their personalities in the most wonderful ways. Props, backdrops, games, personalised drinks, treats and signs will continue to play a big part in wedding styling, helping to create beautiful moments and memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

The right props in the right places will help tell the story of the day, providing the ultimate wow factor that can be captured by the photographer/videographer. 

There are so many possibilities and we are so lucky to be able to incorporate the most incredible options into our couples’ wedding day planning, or simply provide the décor props to complete their day saving them time and money. 

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A laid-back affair 


A memorable big day doesn’t have to come with the formality of a traditional black-tie wedding if that’s not your style! A casual celebration can be so much fun, allowing couples to express their laid-back style. 

Comfortable aesthetics, alternative seating, casual sharing platters, picnic hampers, ‘help yourself’ drinks reception, outdoor cosies, whatever is true to you! 

The key to throwing a casual wedding is having the main focus on family and friends, ensuring everyone is having the best time. Relaxed lighting, bold florals, quirky place settings, amusing orders of service will provide visual interest without the formality. 

A labour of love! Planning your big day should be enjoyable, of course it will get stressful at times, but it is so rewarding when you can stand back on the day seeing what you have created.

Overall, we believe that unique, relaxed weddings will be well and truly embraced in 2021. 

Stay true to your own style, have the confidence to break the mould. 


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