The most obvious way to celebrate a woodland meets industrial style wedding starts with your wedding venue, however, if your setting doesn’t lend itself to either, there are so many ways you can transform it with clever styling.


Colour palette 


This theme provides the most wonderful array of colour hues to choose from. 

The colours you decide to focus your attention on will of course depend on the overall look and feel that you’d like to achieve on the day. 

Woodland style is commonly recognised by rusty reds, burnt oranges and beautiful browns; and industrial can be identified by colours such as antique brass, copper, matte black, grey and gold. The two styles are perfectly complimentary of one another. The versatile colour combinations mean it is completely adaptable in so many ways! 

Here’s some ideas of colour combinations to spark your imagination: 

Forest Like - Forest Green (of course), Sage, Brown Wood and a touch of neutral/beige tones to even things out!

This beautiful table setting is the perfect example of a forest like colour palette. We adore the contrast of forest green against the deep brown of the bare wood, it’s incredibly alluring.

Moody Romance - Deep Reds, Burgundy, Black and Brass

This colour palette has our heart for so many reasons, including, its enchanting abilities! Suited to late autumn and winter months, deep reds, burgundy, black and brass colours create a perfectly moody romantic look and feel.

For The Love Of Autumn - Burnt Orange, Pumpkin, Copper, and Burgundy


If this incredible season has your heart, then burnt orange, pumpkin, copper and burgundy hues are the perfect colours to explore. They naturally evoke a warm, cosy and autumnal look and feel. 


You can create anything from warming to an enchanting look and feel with woodland and industrial colour variations. 


All the twinkles


Lighting is one of our styling essentials! When it is cleverly thought out and displayed, it holds so much power. The woodland, industrial theme is somewhat mystical and this look and feel will be further intensified with enchanting lighting. Not only that, when light fades to dark, highlighting those picture perfect areas of your wedding venue will make for some incredibly beautiful photography.

Candlelight - adored for its atmospheric ability that heightens the feels of love and romance. Candlelight is the most perfect addition to your tablescapes, aisle decoration or venue detailing.

Here’s some woodland meets industrial style inspiration for you:

Here, matte black candlesticks of mixed heights surround the wedding cake with the beautiful soft glow of elegant tea lights against a wooden background. The perfect mix of woodland and industrial style.

Bold and brave, this style is perfect for couples’ who are swayed more towards the darker side of this style. The industrial style candle holder and enchanting deep blue coloured taper candles are dressed with foliage and wild flowers for a woodland edge.


Lighting the way (if your venue allows it), multiple metal frame glass candle holders add charm and character when displayed in their varied sizes and heights. The dark and mysterious blooms here add depth and magic to this luxe floor display.

Metal frame glass candle holders look just as wonderful here, displayed on a beautiful table.

This striking candle display sits around the bottom of an industrial style statement piece adding depth and woodland character.


A ceiling of lights - bringing the outdoor, indoors creating the illusion of a starry nights sky with string lighting.


Fairy lights - As they are small and versatile, fairy lights can be used almost anywhere in your wedding styling and around your venue. Adding fairy lights to trees is a beautiful way to champion the woodland theme. 

Suspended lights - Bringing in decorative details from overhead guarantees a breathtaking effect!

We adore these hanging retro style bulbs and autumnal flower display that makes this tablescape incredibly fairy-tale like.

A gorgeous idea for a woodland meets industrial statement, this bold arch is dressed in rustic coloured material, foliage and retro style hanging bulbs. 

Entwined with deep red flowers, foliage and geometric cages, this suspended light display is perfectly suited to the woodland, industrial theme. This kind of display could include your favourite blooms, colours and other elements for a spectacular addition to you and your guests’ dining experience. 


Table styling


There are a so many ways to make your wedding tables truly unforgettable, entwining the enchanting look and feel of woodland elements with a contemporary, industrial twist; this theme offers so many styling possibilities!

Top tip: Bear in mind the amount of space your tables have to offer and style them accordingly (check out our previous blog post about table considerations).

Combining burnt orange, copper and blush tones, this table setting is perfectly woodland like with an autumnal undertone. The bear wooden table and metallic hints subtly introduce the industrial vibe to complete the overall look.

Here, the industrial elements are signified by the metal glass cages, gold detailing and antique wood. The table is styled with foliage, inspired by woodland.

This gorgeous table setting is delightfully dark and undeniably elegant. We adore the wintery colour palette and bold woodland inspired elements.

The combination of luxurious dark charger plates, greenery, rustic ribbon, wood and metals is so beautifully refined and so aesthetically pleasing.


Should you need help with your table styling, we’d be delighted to assist you at any stage of your planning.


Statement Pieces


We love a flower arch! There is so much that you can do with an arch in terms of styles. 

An industrial style arch dressed in wild flowers will make the perfect statement in a woodland, industrial themed wedding. This contemporary piece could frame your vows, create a striking focal point or a beautiful backdrop for gorgeous photos.

We love the exposed copper pipes and warm blooms used to dress this stunning arch.

Another wonderful example of an exposed pipe arch, decorated with illuminated wording, foliage and candlelight.

Metal hoops dressed in foliage make the prettiest table decoration. Include your favourite flowers and feature bold hues from your chosen colour palette for an unforgettable statement.

Hanging decor is not only a fantastic way to wow your guests, it also avoids any potential overcrowding. If your venue features unique architecture, hanging decor is also the perfect way to highlight it! 

Hanging flowers can completely transform the way a certain space at your wedding venue looks, transforming it into a show-stopping, magical setting.

If you’re thinking of taking your decorations up a level, we’d be delighted to help you with the design, logistics and more! 

Our inspiration could continue, this theme offers so much variety, possibilities and endless styling opportunities. We hope this has helped sparked your imagination a little. If you’d like to talk to us about your wedding styling, please get in touch, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.