With festivals in the UK being given the green light, this has inspired our latest blog. 

So, if you’re a fan of care-free partying in the outdoors, rocking your trustee wellies, parka jacket and flowers in your hair, then stay with us. Alternatively if you’re in the process of exploring different styling options for your big day and you’re open minded about the possibilities, then stick with us too!

The beauty of a festival wedding is that it also attracts the laid-back lovers amongst us, it has so much to offer.


Setting the scene


Typically, festival style weddings take place in the great outdoors, under the cover of a tent structure. This includes; beautiful yurts, stretch tents and marquees that instantly shape the look and feel of a festival wedding day. You’ll have lots of space to segregate areas for entertainment, lounging and music, meaning lots of opportunities to unleash some seriously impressive styling.

Unless you are blessed with land, or you’re well connected, it can be tricky to find the perfect venue that will provide the foundation for your festival style wedding, if you need help sourcing a location, we’d be thrilled to help, so please get in touch.

With all that said, please don’t be put off this style if you’d prefer, or have your heart set on a wedding indoors, such as a country house or barn. We have had the pleasure of creating outdoor festival vibe weddings, inside, so take it from us it can be done!





Festival weddings often start with a pretty blank canvas, natures green and brown tones, coupled with the neutral colour of your outdoor covering; this means, you can go as BOLD as your heart desires with your colour scheme.

We believe that all the colours of the rainbow inspire this beautifully happy theme, whatever palette you choose will be determined by both of your unique personalities and the overall look and feel you’d like to create.

If you’re both very much the ‘go bold or go home’ types. then you could opt for a far more vibrant colour scheme that doesn’t hold back. A palette of red, fuchsia, orange, yellow and green offers a versatile, feel- good festival vibe.


If you favour a few bold colours use them as the ‘stars of your show’ and compliment them with softer colours to even things out a little. Here, you’ll get the very best of both worlds.


For couples that like to tone things right down perhaps achieving a more boho feel, then a subtle, rustic colour palette is perfect! From dusty rose, soft yellow, to sage greet, lavender and peach, they are all beautiful colours that will compliment your festival wedding wonderfully. You could opt for bolder floral decorations, bunting and other elements if you feel as though a little more colour is needed.


The beauty of a festival theme, is that you have so much choice of colour, it is so adaptable and easy-going.


Your table awaits


A vibrant festival wedding table plan is the perfect way to get the party started! How about re-creating a festival line-up or naming your tables after stage names or your favourite artists?

Whether you’re ditching the tables altogether, swapping them for cool benches, mismatched chairs or keeping things chic and simple, festival table styling is incredibly fun to put together. You can get super creative here to really emphasise your theme and the experience for you and your guests.

From welly inspired centre-piece floral displays, to cleverly named tables, old music records, to chairs draped in coloured ribbon and pom-poms, your table styling will leave a lasting on impression on your festival guests.


Step the styling up a notch with memorable favours or elements for your guests to enjoy. For inspiration, how about personalised beer cans, an all access pass and lanyard, hangover kits, glitter and sparkle kits, hip flasks or fun sunglasses?


Beautiful decoration could also hang from the ceilings above your guests. Bunting, lanterns and festoon lighting will bring the festival vibe to life, as the day goes on and begins to turn into night, lighting is the best way to continue and enhance a warming, romantic and all round lovely ambiance.




Why not explore the idea of creating a chill out area?

This will provide an instantly relaxing, completely laid-back feel for you and your guests to have a moment in between all of the festivities during your big day. Think about styling the area with hay bales, mismatched seating, scattered cushions and blankets for when the night draws in. Draped bunting, festoon lighting and hanging lanterns will add to the festival style.

We love the idea of creating intimate sections for you and your guests to enjoy, in whatever way they feel!


The sign you’ve been looking for


Authentic festival styling wouldn’t be complete without the quirky signage.

Signifying the start of the day, directions, plans, humour or quotes that mean a lot to you, signage can be personalised to perfectly suit you and your festival style, whilst being incredibly practical too.

Think about how you’d like to welcome your guests on the day, whether you’d prefer to keep things cool and simple, or perfectly detailed, either could leave a lasting impression and set the tone for the day.

Chalkboards provide an ‘old school’ edge and a fun look and feel, wooden signage such as a crate leans itself to a more rustic vibe and a banner style is effortlessly cool.

Don’t forget you can style the area around your signage too, from beer barrels to flower arches or a pop of colour with some balloons!

If your colour palette is bright, then follow suit with your signage too! If mismatching is your style, then why not switch up the colours on a wooden signpost, with a variety of different styled arrows.




For a rustic colour palette and overall style, then wooden signage is perfect! You could make a real style feature of your rustic signage by adding lanterns, foliage or a crate display.

How about incorporating signage with song lyrics or quotes from your favourite artists? Get creative, display your personality and set the mood and vibe for the day!

Love for local


We are all about keeping things local where possible and our book of trustee suppliers is ever growing, here’s some other ideas to enhance the festival feels and if you need any recommendations, we’re here to help!

-Offer your guests free reign of a food van

-Thing street style - cool pop up stalls with photo props, glitter, flower headbands, flip-flops and other festival style goodies

-Hire a cool bar and bar staff

-Enlist the help of a professional face painter or glitter artist

-Have a fire-pit you can gather around

-Include amusing lawn games for entertainment

-Hire local bands/musicians

-Camping/glamping for VIP guests


We hope these ideas inspire you to push forward with your festival style wedding! It is a fun way to express and celebrate your love for one another in an informal, relaxed and free-from rules kind of way. The idea of pitching up to say ‘I Do’ in front of your nearest and dearest is incredibly endearing.


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