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Modern And Luxe Styled Shoot

Location: Hinwick Hall. The aim of this carefully thought-out photoshoot was to combine the work of talented wedding suppliers to curate the most gorgeous, inspiring content for br...  more  

Stylish + Sustainable

Being conscious in your wedding choices along the way creates a ripple effect. No choice is too small, and every bit counts towards doing your part for the earth.  more  

Woodland x Industrial Style

Perfect for couples that are drawn to autumnal feels, wintery escapes, woodland adventures, raw and unique materials.  more  

Your guide to creating a 'Wedfest'

With festivals in the UK being given the green light, this has inspired our latest blog. So, if you’re a fan of care-free partying in the outdoors, rocking your trustee wellies, pa...  more  

From the ground up; an earthy wedding theme

If you’ve already started the planning process, you’ll know just how many wedding themes there are to choose from. However, if you’re finding yourself being drawn to woven elements...  more  

Words of wisdom: Wedding planning stress

Whether you’ve just started planning, you’re in the midst, or you’re re-planning, we hope that this blog will help you to be more kind to yourself. The journey leading up to your w...  more  

How To Choose A Wedding Theme

A wedding theme is the setting for telling your love story. The styling of your wedding day often blossoms from a ‘theme’ that entwines both yours and your loves personalities an...  more  

A Small Wedding In A Short Timeframe

The idea of planning a small wedding in a small timeframe can be incredibly daunting, especially when you can’t stop thinking that it was ‘never meant to be that way’. The pandemic...  more  

Spring Colour Palettes

Spring is such a wonderful season to celebrate a marriage. Here at KTV, we adore the underlying feelings that the season provides us with; new beginnings, new life and brighter day...  more  

How did 2020 shape us for the better?

From tough times come tough lessons, personal growth and learning opportunities. We are reflecting back on what 2020 has taught us.  more